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Forensic Accounting Services

The science of investigating what people do with money Why do litigators need forensic accountants?

Forensic accounting specialists are financial investigators who work with financial information – business records, bank statements, tax returns – for the purpose of deciphering complicated data and preparing easily understood reports for attorneys to use in research, negotiations, or court proceedings.

In private practice, forensic accounting is used to help clarify and resolve a wide number of legal disputes.

The word “forensic” means investigating using scientific methods and techniques. We provide following service to identify suspicious financial activity and determine its cause.

  • Conducting investigations — Independently researching and auditing internal and external financial documents, financial statement fraud, cash embezzlement, cooked book, expense reimbursement and payroll fraud, billing, and invoice schemes
  • Assessing losses — Based on findings, determine how much money the company has lost to fraud
  • Writing reports — These reports summarize findings and help companies better understand what their next steps should be
  • Determining potential damage awards — find the people who (performed) fraud, determine how much money the company is owed, including damages
  • Testifying in the courtroom —expert testimony into the courtroom
  • Working with law enforcement – In the fields of accounting, auditing, and research to conduct financial examinations.  uncover such crimes as fraud, embezzlement, and improper business practices, and testify in court about their findings
  • Filing financial data in divorce

Hyman Park hold MAFF and CRFAC certificates.

The Master Analyst in Financial Forensics credential is designed to provide assurance to the business and legal communities, complete intensive training in any one of seven areas of specialization in economic damages; matrimonial litigation; bankruptcy, insolvency, and restructuring; business valuation in litigation; business and intellectual property damages; forensic accounting; or fraud risk management. The American Board of Forensic Accounting (ABFA) was established in 1993 and is the oldest forensic accounting board in the United States. The ABFC (American Board of Forensic Accounting. The designation Certified Forensic Accountant CRFAC identifies a professional’s high level of excellence, achievement, and competence, and it confirms that the professional has made a commitment to providing reliable service and maintaining the highest of professional and ethical standards.

Complimentary Consultation

Every situation is unique. If you feel you might need forensic accounting services, please contact us to schedule a complimentary consultation. We’ll listen to your situation and work together to determine how we can help you reach your goals.