“HNR CPA provides customized service to anyone seeking international tax planning and business consulting."

Virtual Accounting & Tax Filing Service

The easiest way filing your taxes returns

Thank you for choosing us to help you with your taxes. We provide a stress-free tax filing service. We offer a simple and secure process to complete tax filing for individuals, businesses. You will save you time and money.

Pricing and Fees

Our tax preparation fees are lower than 2018-2019 Income & Fees of Accountant and Tax Preparers in Public Practice Survey Report published by the National Association of Accountants. Some tax services i.e. IRS Tax Resolution and Audit Representation, may be offered on a pro bono basis or some are offered at discount.

To get started

  • Send a text message, email hpark@hnrcpa.com or Call (240)676-3866 to us
  • We will email you 2019 Taxpayer Organizer
  • You fill out the tax organizer and gather your tax data
  • You upload the tax organizer and tax data to secure porta
  • Client Portal: https://www.securefirmportal.com/Account/Login/17950

    Communication; In-person service

    If you want to schedule a call and then we will follow up with specific applicable information. In the event, we need to meet and work in person, communicate client with Zoom, Skype, or WhatsApp through all state USA and worldwide. This is more time and expense saving communication way than physical location meetings, but we are open to working in the way you prefer.

    Privacy & Security


    We do not disclose non-public personal information to anyone, except as instructed to do so by clients in the normal course of our work or as required by law.

    Transfer of Private Data through Secure Portal –Clients’ files are protected by tough industry-standard security measures based on a secure 256-bit SSL encryption during transmission and files are encrypted at rest on the private US-based server. At all times, clients can view and access only their own documents.

    What makes me unique

    My decades of experiences include 20 years in Federal Government, and 20 years in public accounting. I am an active CPA, CGFM, CVA, MAFF, CrFA, and I earned MBA degree. Finding the right practitioner is only as expensive as the results they fail to generate. Unfortunately, it is expensive to learn that not all advisers have the same knowledge and skills. I leaned practical lessons and accumulated broad knowledge while working with team of professionals.

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