We Help Troubled Taxpayers

Taxpayers seek help after they have ignored the problem the IRS or State has lost all patience and decided to forcibly recover unpaid taxes.

90% of your tax resolution cases are going to be “collection” case.  Meaning, the client does not have the means to full pay the IRS lump-sum.

After 2 years Covid-19 broke out, the IRS has finally flipped the switch back to enforcement again. With an estimated 50 million taxpayers either in trouble with the back tax balances or identifies as a non-filer, the IRS is finally taking the gloves off.

According to the Source 2021 IRS SOI Data Book,

*50 million people owes the IRS $1 trillion

*The IRS collected $60 billion through enforcement in 2021, a huge 54% increase over the previous year.

*11 million taxpayers are currently in “collections” with thousand being added daily due to the impending recession

In 2022 IRS enforcement updated.

Effective June 27, automated collection notices to resume, all RA (Revenue Agents) & RO (Revenue Officers) ordered back to the office, audit rates raised to double

*10 million people, every year, do not filed legally required income tax returns

*IRS assessed over $37 billion in penalties in 2021, $13 billion of which was abated by tax reservations specialist likewise

* The Biden administration is seeking $80 Billion toward IRS enforcement activities

* In 2022 IRS aggressively pursuing Audits

IRS problems are a very personal and affects all aspects of your life. Many people chose to leave with the problem for months and years, assuming that nothing can be done about it.  People do not know where to get help. Imagine, how relieved someone who has IRS problems would feel if they could just put, they’re in the hands of a competent experts who deals with the IRS on daily basis and who cares about helping people. We help troubled taxpayers. As your representative we can PROTECT your income and assets from aggressive IRS enforcement tactics. We are permitted to represent clients in 50 states. We are not bound by any geographic barriers.

It’s easy for good, hard-working Americans to fall behind Providing IRS Tax help to (your local area) was a natural evolution for me. My compassionate team wants to help people like you. I have come across many people who have tried to handle their IRS problem themselves (or with their current CPA or person who prepared their taxes) but didn’t receive what they were seeking. The professionals on our staff know the “ins and outs” of the tax system and can negotiate a personalized solution for you

We handle IRS representation services which include Preparation of Unfiled Income Tax Returns. Penalty Reduction. Offers ln Compromises. Payment Plans. Financial Hardship Plans. Wage Garnishment/Bank Levy Releases. Audits and IRS Appeals.

We’ll listen to your IRS difficulties in complete confidence at NO CHARGE. We’ll answer your questions, explain your options, and suggest solutions and provide you with a written estimate of our fees to permanently resolve your IRS difficulties.